Port Captain- and super cargo services

Over the years we have learned that planning and preparation of an operation does not only mean that one achieve a successful and safe operation. It also means that money can be saved. A load out operation requires a lot of equipment and people involved. Planning may cost less than NOK 1000 per hour, but unnecessary waste of time and delay as a result of inadequately planning in an operation might cost 10 times more.

Our surveyors are all well trained and part of their profession is to plan and be head of loading- and discharging operations.

When our surveyor arrives at site, he is well prepared and knows what to expect. His main aim is to be on top of the situation and take lead of the operation.

  • Verify that correct equipment is delivered on site or onboard the nominated vessel prior to start.
  • Ensure that vessel’s crew are well informed about the operation prior to arrival.
  • Preparation of stowage plan and lashing plans with calculations.
  • SJA / Tool box meetings.
  • Coordinate lifting operations.
  • Cargo stowage.
  • Instructions to stevedores, welders and riggers.

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