About Fjeld Consultant AS

Ever since Fjeld Consultant was founded in 1992 the company has been a major player within cargo survey and the project- and heavy lift shipping market. This will also be our future focus. Especially from the Oil- and Gas industry we see a growing focus on safety and quality with regards to load out and transport solutions. Damage on cargo might not only cause loss and/or costs on the damaged item, but can also cause major impact damages. Our focus will and shall be to assist and use our heavy lift and shipping knowledge to assist our clients to avoid and prevent damage. We have established systems and operational routines to secure an efficient and safe operation.


The vision of Fjeld Consultants AS is to be a leading and independent marine consultancy company focused on both a high standard and quality


Fjeld Consultant AS has a long tradition within the project and heavy lift shipping. Fjeld Consultants AS has the key and knowledge for planning, design and the documentation for a safe and cost efficient cargo transportation.


Fjeld Consultants AS has a high focus on safety. We are continuously working hard to reduce any risks during all cargo handling operations were Fjeld Consultants AS is involved.